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18 March 2015 @ 10:34 pm
This one taken by the gorgeous elsiecat AWKWARD WINCHESTER FAMILY PHOTO


And this one taken by the gorgeous Amy sweetondean


And I'll just wait down here. For the boys. Whom I'll see in two months. WHEEEEEEE!!!!
14 March 2015 @ 10:23 am
Gah! This friendship. 10 years on and it still makes me so happy watching them together. I am alternately both assaulted with all the good feelings and the envy - we all have friendships but really are any as epic as this? Working so closely how many hours a week together and still they have this? Love this vidder's talent!

Make sure you show her some love - TheJessy34 on Tumblr, Twitter and Youtube.
07 March 2015 @ 08:50 pm
Got an email that told me my paid account had expired...figured I better get in here and use this journal!
These photos are from the Nerd HQ in San Diego last year. I posted them on Twitter and my Tumblr but haven't been on LJ much of late. I drop in from time to time to have a squizzy at what my friends are up to - I'm going to try and use this place more.

Here's a link to the 100 or so pics I managed to take last year.

What's helping me to keep on keeping on right now (in a currently toxic workplace) is the countdown now - to May 23rd and 24th when the boys are coming out to Melbourne and Sydney! YAY!! (However as excited as I am - it is Hub so on the same note it's kind of a I'll believe it when I see it case as well)  but even more exciting is the countdown to SDCC 2015. July school holidays are shaping up to be EPIC!

Enjoy the smile making taste of the NerdHQ pics I took last year :)











12 October 2014 @ 04:54 pm

I'm just gonna put this here. For reasons.
31 December 2013 @ 10:13 pm
Stealing this from zebra363

The Year that Was...Collapse )
23 December 2013 @ 07:38 pm
*WAVES MADLY* at you all...I'm still here! Still reading...still thinking wow I really need to post! But damn there is SOOOOO much to post about!

So as I madly wrap pressies, try to remember to pack everything we need for a few days at the farm here have a photo of our TV room since Sam and Dean arrived today in time to oversee the wrapping of the presents ...no doubt casting judgements over the lack of skin mags, shaving cream, fuel for Baby and fuel for Dean but approving the mandatory tradition of A Very Supernatural Christmas viewing.

Complete with lava lamp, lego Millenium Falcon and The Dark Tower in the background.

HAPPY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!! And if you don't celebrate it have a great break however long or short it may be. Just think only 19 more sleeps TILL A NEW EPISODE!!!
18 October 2013 @ 11:17 pm
Sometimes just how scary show can be.

I wanted a viewing task for my 9th graders today and showed them 1x02 Wendigo.
All of them bar one had never seen it before. Good grief they were jumping in their seats like the boogey man himself had leapt out the screen at them. More than a few oaths were uttered around the "holy shit" variety. I'd forgotten how scary Wendigo was. Indeed the scare factor is nowhere near the level that it used to be in terms of frequency of delivery.
First scene that had them jumping was Sam's dream as he delivers flowers to Jessica's grave and the hand reaches out and grabs him.
Then the woods scenes - where Roy gets snatched, followed not too long after Roy dropping from the tree.
Then the whole underground mine/cave scenes.

It was fun to see it through these fresh eyes...and even better there were a number of them commenting about the fact that they needed to "get this show" as in rent it on dvd, download it whatever and watch from the beginning. It was "hell cool".

We got into some good discussions about how the boys were such vastly contrasting character types and how Dean had noticed Sam was acting out of character due to his residual anger over Jess. We talked personality types and how Dean seemed almost ridiculously reckless - "Miss - who the hell would DRAW THE MONSTER to them????" - with his life.

Pretty sure they've all just decided they're never going camping without peanut m&m "provisions" ever again.

Still wanna rewatch 9x02 before I do my reaction post - initial thought?


I'm not one to post a lot lately. But since it's school holidays and I should be doing distasteful things like tax returns, breast scans, blood work ups, 9th grade english assessment marking, trying to book a pleasant dinner reservation for 7 people for the parents' 40th Wedding Anniversary (when said Parents are about as adventurous as Victor Meldrew out of One Foot In The Grave) I think I'd rather AVOID like a champ and make a note here of some of my 9x01 thoughts.


Click for reactions and Sam & Dean's Self-Sacrificing Greatest HitsCollapse )

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09 October 2013 @ 08:21 pm
It's been a totally FANTABULOUS day all round - with my friends coming round and sharing the 8x23 rewatch followed by the 9x01 Premiere viewing - three times! LOL!
But before Season 9 overtakes everything I must share this with all my friends.
Aisha Tyler (author, actress, podcaster all round awesome chick) who does the Girl on Guy shows did a one hour interview with Jared at the SDCC. This is the second one she's done. And it is just great - finally posted today :)
Topics covered with Jared include:
The homoerotic elements (including art he and Jensen downloaded of Sam and Dean .... in a compromising position let's say - they glued it to the back of Clif's phone)
Stopping the entire Euro Rail train system.
The aspects of fame - how you present yourself.
The show and it's longevity.
Masturbating Bonobos at the San Diego Zoo.
Brewing beer and how Jensen has started doing it - IPAs and stouts.
How much Misha gave him shit for the shirtless scenes in The Third Man.
How he survived the pressure of working on established TV shows.
Kim Kardashian
Neil Degrasse Tyson
Reading books - such as Aisha's Self Inflicted Wounds
Being a raging giant angry American on a train
Ryan Gosling jerking off. (Jared's loved him since Murder By Numbers)
Pull ups on ceiling roof pipes equal instant asshole character
Jared is sensitive about how he looks doing sit ups on camera
The reading story from the test read of the pilot.
Jonathan Taylor Thomas. (He's always been a little envious)
And more....it's a GREAT interview!
Go listen here: Aisha Tyler - Jared Padalecki - Girl On Guy